DA2 Digital to analog converter

DA2 Digital to analog converter


关键字: Spdif Coaxial 3.5mmAUX RL lotus Digital

1.Digital to analog audio converter.Spdif+Coaxial input,3.5mmAUX+RL lotus Simultaneous output. 

2.High quality, no noise, suitable for Xiaomi, SONY, Samsung, XBOX, ps4 and other devices with fiber or coaxial conversion to connect with ordinary speakers.

3.Use front volume amplification technology, get a wide range of sound. Solve the problem of small sound in some  digital audio equipments.

4.Intelligent chip, sample rate 192Kz, using noise reduction technology to output analog audio. 

5.USB power supply, reduce the current and voltage instability caused by interference effectively.

6.Aluminum alloy shell, wire drawing spraying process.Size:58*52*22mm.




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